CwF is an independent wrestling company based in Clarksville, TN. We offer a new breed of wrestling in the South, not bound by tradition, where creativity reigns supreme and all styles are welcome. We strive to have exciting, fast paced, hard hitting matches that you won’t find anywhere else in the South.


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  1. Thomas

    I was wondering what the appropriate ages recommended for your shows? Do they represent the current PG era or is it more Attitude era? I was considering bringing my 7 year old daughter to watch.


    1. We are more in line wth the PG era. We encourage kids to come, in fact kids under 12 are free. The violence is in line with what you would see on an average Smackdown, we do have a bit of weapons violence, but it’s not deatmatch style or anything crazy like that.


  2. Kenny

    You need to book the wrestler Gator McAllister for your next show if you want to sell tickets! His number is 270-584-4939. Thanks!


    1. Hey Greg, if you are interested in becoming involved the best thing for you to do is come to our next show August 30th at 6pm at the National Guard Armory. Ask to talk to Joe Gomez or Todd Swaney.


    1. We don’t have an exact date yet, but we are looking at late Feb. or early March. As soon as we have a date, it will be announced via all our social media and our website.


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