Title History

For the intents and purposes of this site, the history of the titles start from the CwF 15 Year Reunion Show. The last champions from the previous era were honored going into the show.

CwF Heavyweight Championship

Adam “Main Event” Murphy defended against “Crazy Pants” Joe Gonzo and “Simply the Best” Steve West in a ladder match

Adam “Main Event” Murphy defeated “Crazy Pants” Joe Gonzo in 14:09 via Super Kick/Swanton Bomb

“Crazy Pants” Joe Gonzo

CwF Old School Championship

“True Hero” Damien Nero defended against the Toddster and “Maniac” Mike Mills via Spinning Killswitch

“True Hero” Damien Nero defended against The Toddster and Matt Korbaine in 15:57 via Spinning Killswitch on pile of legos

CwF Tag Team Championship

The Smash Busters (Trash Kan Graham and Shane Smalls) defeated Adam “Main Event” Murphy and “Crazy Pants” Joe Gonzo and The Brigade (Matt Korbaine and Jay Ruthless) in a three way tag elimination match. The Brigade eliminated Murphy/Gonzo with Selsun Blue in 11:13. The Smash Busters eliminated The Brigade in 18:46 with belly to belly suplex/top rope leg drop combo.

Adam “Main Event” Murphy and “Crazypants” Joe Gonzo defeated Mass Hysteria via pin on Toddster after Joe Gonzo hit Take a Nap! on Adam Murphy and he put his arm over Toddster

Mass Hysteria (The Toddster and “Maniac” Mike Mills)


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